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The only way to lead a happy, creative life, is to lead a happy creative life.

I find exploration and execution of ideas more important than an actual end result or product. Having said that, I'd like to underline, that I do take pleasure in my published albums, painted paintings, conceived calendars and cards. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert calls these, - "souvenirs" from a creative journey - and I really like that metaphor. My souvenirs are not perfect, but they exist - and that is quite something already.

I have recorded and published music since 2009; my two latest records made it all the way to print:
Soft are the sounds, 2016 and Immersed, 2019.

A music-related dream was fulfilled, when NiaSounds used a few tracks by my band The Frequency on Feeling in 2013 and the opening track of my notes to self-album was featured on their album Life in  2017.

And, onwards.

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